How to Choose the Best Muay Thai Shorts: A Buyer’s Guide

how to choose muay thai shorts

There are many choices for choosing the proper pair of perfect pair of Muay Thai shorts. Given the many options for sizes and styles, in the end, it is a matter of what the wearer things looks good and feel good. This article provides helpful information designed to help you select a pair of Muay Thai shorts that you can use and feel comfortable wearing during training and fighting.

Muay Thai Shorts Compared to Other Fighting Wear

A fact about Muay Thai shorts that is important to remember is that a genuine pair is very short. Shorts sold as Muay Thai shorts that are long and loose hanging are not authentic. If you wear a pair of these shorts while training, you will be identifying yourself as a novice, and will not be taken seriously as a fighter.

Best Overall Muay Thai Shorts

Top King is one of my favorite short makers, and an excellent choice if you are shopping for a pair of Thai shorts. Top King is an outstanding Thai brand that provides numerous style and design options.

Top King Muay Thai Shorts

Overview: Superior Thai Shorts

These shorts are among the finest Muay Thai shorts in the marketplace. Top King shorts are nice and uncomplicated, and representative of Thai manufacturing quality. Top King (and Twins) are some of the most popular Thai gear brands, and widely used in Thai fighting circles, particularly in Thailand itself.

These shorts are manufactured solely from a polyester/satin blend that gives them a soft sheen and feel, coupled with a strength that helps them withstand wear and tear better than the more inexpensive grade shorts in the marketplace.

Top King has shorts in the color and style you want because of their large selection.

My Recommendation: Every Muay Thai fighter should own at least one pair of Top King shorts.

Top King shorts are a must buy for fighters who want to own comfortable, long-lasting, authentic Muay Thai shorts. Most fighters and trainers like to own a lot of shorts for variety and to lessen the wear and tear on them.

The Three Different Kinds of Combat Shorts

Muay Thai shorts stand out among other combat clothing because they are much shorter than other fighting shorts for arts like Boxing, Kickboxing, and MMA. Muay Thai shorts are usually manufactured out of rich Thai satin.

There are three main styles of combat shorts. Usually, your short style depends on your primary martial art. MMA fighters will likely wear shorts made for MMA since they do a better job of covering your private parts during ground fighting like wrestling, judo, or Brazilian Ju-Jitsu.

Kickboxers use Kickboxing shorts that tell other fighters that you are a Kickboxer and reveal their base art. Neither Muay Thai nor Kickboxing use official fighting gear like gi or hakima. Therefore, a fighter’s shorts determines their martial art. A Nak Muay should always wear Muay Thai shorts.

Why Are Muay Thai Shorts Shorter Than Other Combat Shorts?

First, Thailand, the home country of Muay Thai, has an extremely warm climate. It is natural to wear as little clothing as possible in such oppressive heat. Muay Thai clothing is made to provide Thai fighters a minimum amount of skin coverage to provide faster cooling.

A second reason for shorter shorts is due to the habit of Thai Fighters to show off their legs when they are launching leg strikes. The reason for this is that they enjoy demonstrating the force of their striking by watching the movement of their legs. In fact, skilled Muay Thai fighters will roll their shorts up on the side where they are launching kicks, making the already short shorts even shorter.

Adjusting The Length of Muay Thai Shorts

Because of this habit of Muay Thai fighters styling their shorts, care and consideration must be given to how long (or how short) Muay Thai shorts should fit. As mentioned above, fighters like to roll up the legs of their shorts, especially on the side of their dominant leg. Given these facts and the need to find a correct fitting pair of shorts, you must remember these facts:

  • Rolling up your shorts on your dominant leg means that the shorts will rise even higher after striking your opponent. It’s expected for Muay Thai shorts to be short, but don’t wear them so short that your underwear is exposed.
  • As always, how short you wear your Thai shorts is an individual choice. There is a point that Thai shorts are so short that they become difficult to wear, and will be counterproductive during training or an actual fight.

Picking The Correct Size Shorts

In choosing a size of Muay Thai shorts, the fit is the most important consideration. Although everyone wants to look good in their gear, don’t consider appearances until later. It’s more important to know that you can comfortably launch kicks and knee strikes in them. Shadowboxing while trying them out is an excellent way to check the fit. The fit of Muay Thai shorts varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, so never assume that because one size short from one brand fits that the corresponding size from another brand will fit the same.

Most Thai brands display a sizing chart for their merchandise. Using these charts will assure that the shorts you buy will match your waist.

You must remember that Thai sizes must be adjusted for larger Western fighters. A fighter who wears a large size in America or Europe will need to buy a Double Extra Large Thai short.

How Many Pairs of Shorts Do You Need To Own?

You should use a clean pair of Muay Thai shorts to every training session. It is terrible to train with someone who is wearing dirty shorts. It is wrong not only because they will smell bad, but because of the lack of respect it shows your training partner.

Engaging in any strenuous physical activity requires the use of clean clothing. For Muay Thai fighters, this means that you should own enough shorts that you are never in danger of using unclean shorts.

Typically, fighters own four to eight pairs of Muay Thai shorts so they can use a clean pair every day as they accumulate or clean their dirty shorts. The frequency that you wash your shorts and the frequency that the number of training sessions you participate in during the week. I don’t think that it is possible for a fighter to own too many Muay Thai shorts.

Selecting The Right Muay Thai Brand

While making Muay Thai shorts, the large manufacturers only use the best and most durable materials. Because of this, it is very important to be familiar with the top brands, and be able to distinguish their products from the smaller, cheaper brands.

The Top Muay Thai Short Manufacturers

As you shop for a pair of Muay Thai shorts, it is smart to educate yourself about the leading manufacturers. The following brands provide high-quality, dependable shorts, and choosing any of them is a good idea. The use of Grade A material is the best indicator of well-made Thai shorts. The top Muay Thai shorts tend to be made with superior satin fabric. The top manufacturers use satin because it is moisture resistant and prevents the accumulation of perspiration. The following are the leading Thai gear makers.

Boon – Boon makes tough, long lasting shorts. They have received extra publicity because famous fighters have worn their shorts in professional matches. I purchased a pair of Boon shorts in 2007, and I’m still using them. Their construction holds up over years and lots of wear.

Lumpinee – Lumpinee makes shorts that are better looking and more fashionable than most brands. Lumpinee is one of Thailand’s most celebrated brands. They are sold at the brand’s store located at Lumpinee stadium where the most exciting traditional Thai fights in the world are held.


Windy – Windy began making authentic Muay Thai shorts and associated gear back in 1951. They are a highly-respected manufacturer of mostly Muay Thai gear (they also make MMA gear). Windy manufacturers their shorts from genuine Thai Satin, allowing them to be extremely long lasting.

Top King – This company is known as one of the leading Thai manufacturers. You can find Top King shorts at every fight gym, and most of Muay Thai fighters in Thailand either own a pair or exclusively use them. They were integrated with the Twins brand, but the family that owns Twins split, and some members started the Top King brand. Top King shorts have a nice, easy fit and are roomy at the leg for maximum kicking comfort.

Twins – Their shorts have become one of the best-selling Thai gear in the West. Twins shorts are manufactured from a polyester/satin blend that provides excellent quality. Twins and Top King are generally considered to be the two most popular Muay Thai short manufacturers that are Thai-based.

Fairtex – This famous Muay Thai brand is often considered to be an exclusive manufacturer due to their high prices. Fairtex shorts are made with lots of legroom ensure freedom of movement for leg and knee strikes. As with most Thai-based manufacturers, these shorts are handcrafted and feature a stretchable waist, give a form-fitting and easy fit. (A warning: These shorts run very large. Someone who wears a large pair of Twins shorts will likely wear a small pair of Fairtex shorts).

Raja – These shorts are made of authentic Satin and made to provide a gentle fit while they fight or train. Raja is not a well-known manufacturer. However, they make well-crafted gear, including Muay Thai shorts.

Buying any of these shorts would be a wise investment. These are all solid Thai brands that make excellent Muay Thai shorts.

What to Know About Buying Female Thai Shorts

Not surprisingly, Female Thai shorts are made smaller than male Thai shorts. Female Muay Thai fighters don’t have the habit of rolling up their short legs like men, so female shorts are made without excess room. Many manufacturers make Thai shorts so both genders can wear the same kind of shorts, except for the differing size.

Recommended Retro Shorts

A kind of Thai shorts enjoyed by both genders (but especially women) are retro shorts. Retro shorts are made even shorter than modern Muay Thai shorts, and feature a stitched seam in the legs. The additional leg room and extremely low cut design removes the need for rolling up the shorts.




Lumpinee Retro Shorts

They are manufactured from a polyester blend making them fast drying from sweat. They have spacious leg room and are designed to be extremely low-cut.

These shorts are ideal for fighters who want to showcase their legs and kicking power. The Lumpinee Retro Shorts come in various colors and designs so you have numerous choices while picking the pair you want to purchase.

My Recommendation: The Lumpinee Retro Shorts are ideal for someone wanting to wear snug shorts.

Retro shorts are an acquired Thai fighting taste. I would advise fighters who feel more comfortable wearing roomier shorts to stick with the old school Muay Thai shorts. Retro shorts are most ideal for female fighters and male fighters who like to showcase their legs.

Pricing Muay Thai Shorts

Buying Retail or Online – If low price is your main concern, it is always wiser to purchase Muay Thai shorts online. Even though many gyms sell Thai fighting gear to their students, buying from a gym is very expensive. Purchasing shorts online is consistently cheaper. There is only one occasion when it makes sense to buy Thai shorts offline is that is if you ever visit Thailand and buy shorts from one of the Thai gear shops that are located away from the tourist traps.

Fancy or Plain Design – An additional factor affecting Muay Thai short prices is the amount of detail in the short’s design. The least expensive Thai short will have minimal, if any, design. On the other hand, buying a pair of Fairtex shorts will cost a great deal of money.

Name Brands – The price and quality of Thai shorts by the brand name is greatly impacted by the shorts’ maker. Personally, I only use Thai-manufactured shorts. The cheapest Thai shorts are typically made by Western Boxing gear brands or Thai-based brands that also have factories in Pakistan or China. Non-Thai made shorts from these countries are cheaper priced because they are cheaply made.

Type of Materials – The fabric used to manufacture Muay Thai shorts has a big influence on pricing. The non-Thai made shorts are often manufactured with cheaper material, and not the Satin or Satin blends used by the better brands. These cheaper shorts can become transparent when damp.

Standard or Customized Shorts – Customized Thai shorts will cost a great deal of money. It is possible to create an order in Thailand, using branding and imaging of your preference. Numerous online stores provide custom options for Nak Muays who don’t mind spend that kind of cash.


How Long Will My Thais Shorts Last?

The stretch waist bands are usually the first piece of Muay Thai shorts that deteriorates. Inexpensive Thai shorts usually beginning ripping at the shorts’ seam.

A typical, regularly laundered pair of Thai shorts will last a long time. Your shorts should be washed after every use to prevent the spread of germs from sweat.

The Two Biggest Mistakes Made By Muay Thai Shorts Buyers

Buying Cheaply Instead of Smartly 

Inexpensive Thai shorts are made from low-grade fabric, and become transparent as they get damp. This has happened to me and many other Thai fighters. A fighter will be in the ring working hard, unaware that their undershorts are visible due to sweat and humid conditions.

One way to prevent this from happening in training is to test this at home. Wet a pair of shorts and then check yourself in a mirror. High-quality shorts made from satin or a satin blend will not allow transparency, and give you an added sense of peace. You have enough to think about as you practice your technique and work to improve. Having to worry if your undershorts are showing is a worry that is easy to avoid.

If shorts don’t feel like they were made with high-quality materials, they probably weren’t. An easy quality test to perform on a pair of Muay Thai shorts is touch the fabric and let it run through your fingers back and forth. Material that doesn’t feel smooth and seems flimsy is unsatisfactory, and not worth buying.

Purchasing Shorts That Don’t Fit  

There have been so many times that I accidently bought Muay Thai shorts that don’t fit either way. They were either much too small or much too large. Buying shorts from only one brand is not a problem because you learn their sizing standards and will know that your shorts will correctly fit. Sizing problems occur when you switch up and buy from a different brand.

Fighters who prefer to wear snug-fitting shorts should buy a pair that is smaller than the suggested speed. Having extra-large shorts during training creates difficulties that could otherwise be avoided. Even so, Muay Thai shorts should be large enough to throw crisp, precise kicks and knees.

If you are shopping for a pair of Thai shorts, you should check the waist measurement. Read the sizing chart to verify that you have the correct size of shorts. The tightness of the shorts’ waistband indicates if you have either a great or a poor fit.

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